Cito! Linguistic services
Lidia Maria Jurek
Sworn translator/interpreter in English. Licensed since 1999


  Standard translations 65 PLN/page
Express: +50%
1 page = 1600 characters with spaces and punctuation marks
Certified translations 65 PLN/page
1 page = 1125 characters, spaces, and punctuation marks
Interpretation First hour: 270 PLN | Every subsequent commenced hour
thereafter: 220 PLN | Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison interpreting in Krakow.
Rates for out of town interpretations set on an individual basis.

The above rates do not include 23% VAT.
The Client acquires property rights to the translated texts
upon his payment of the VAT invoice.
The above rates do not constitute an offer in the meaning of the
provisions of law and should be considered only as information
as provided for in Article 72 of the Polish civil code.