Cito! Linguistic services
Lidia Maria Jurek
Sworn translator/interpreter in English. Licensed since 1999



Ordinary member of the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized
Translators TEPiS & On the preferred list of translators/interpreters at the
US Consulate General in Krakow

WHO? I do all translations and interpreting myself. On rare occasions, I subcontract to my panel of experienced translators. I take full responsibility for their work which has to reach my exacting standard. And always deliver professionally, on time, and with absolute discretion.
WHAT? With or without certification: official, court and trial documents, notarial deeds, contracts, agreements, correspondence, tender documents, scientific articles and research papers, meetings, negotiations, films, documentaries, Internet sites, advertising materials, speeches, interviews, etc.
Language coaching for actors and singers.
HOW? In a professional manner, on time, with confidentiality.
FOR WHOM? Natural and legal persons and state institutions.
WHERE? In Krakow, in Poland, and abroad.